A Spoonful of Honi

I have been blogging since 2015, when I started From Narnia to Neverland after an assignment in university sparked my interest. Since 2015, my blog has served as a place for me to hold myself accountable to what I want to achieve and express myself creatively. Originally, From Narnia to Neverland was launched as a place to share my thoughts about books, but after graduating school in May 2017, it quickly became a place for me to talk about all of my passions including books but also health, beauty, music, and more.

In May 2018, From Narnia to Neverland closed its doors to make way for A Spoonful of Honi. I decided to rename my blog after I saw it shifting from its original book focus to a broader lifestyle focus. I've been a fan of Winnie-the-Pooh since before I knew what the yellow bear stood for and the love continues to this very day. My last name and my favorite Disney character seemed to mesh well to create a title for my new blog.

I designed the logo, header, and social media graphics to promote my blog, I write all the content unless stated otherwise, and I personally manage the social media and online presence of the blog.

Below are some of the most popular posts from the last year of blogging.