The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.: A Review

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Title: The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. Author: Adelle Waldman Genre: Fiction Quotation: “Dating is probably the most fraught human interaction there is.” Would recommend to: anyone dealing with a break-up looking for perspective. “I feel like you want to think what you’re feeling is really deep, like some seriously profound existential shit. But to me, it looks like […]

August 26, 2016

Treasure Tuesday

Treasure Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! 1. I am currently reading the third book in the Divergent series, “Allegiant”. (I already finished “Insurgent”.) 2. I celebrated the 4th of July watching the Yankees win against the Rays at Yankee Stadium. What did you guys do? 3. 4. I just visited a beautiful Barnes and Nobel in New Jersey and […]

July 7, 2015