An Introduction to Yoga

Fitness, Lifestyle / Friday, March 16th, 2018

I’ve gone off and on workout kicks since I was about ten years old. Ten years old.

It’s embarrassing to admit that I have been aware of my body weight since elementary school, but it’s the truth. I remember doing endless crunches and training for running the mile in gym class (I wasn’t the most athletic child, and I was really self-conscious about it). It’s sad that not only my young adulthood, but also my “carefree” kid years were riddled with body image issues. But that’s how it was. I’m not going to say I don’t still struggle with my body image, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed healthier habits and methods for handling those issues.

beginner's yoga

As you might know, I moved to Nashville in October 2017. Between settling into a new place and being thrown into a funky work situation, I was just living life day to day. I was figuring out my footing as a real world adult. But in December, I finally signed up for a gym. After working out consistently in December and January, I made a goal for myself in 2018 — tackle health in a holistic manner; work on mind and body.

To do this (and stay motivated and engaged in my workouts), I’ve set up fitness challenges throughout the year for myself. In February, that challenge was to start practicing yoga two times a week.

I wanted to start yoga because I thought it would be a great way to include a workout in my morning routine without going to the gym, and also a fantastic way to connect my mind with my body. Yoga is a mindful practice — it’s about connecting with even the tiniest of muscles and doing what feels right, while also pushing yourself in stretching and strength. I’m no expert on yoga (I’ve only been doing it for about a month), but I know that on the mornings that I do practice it, I feel the benefits of that thirty minute session throughout my day. By connecting my mind and body first thing in the morning, I feel grounded and aware of my actions. I’ve even noticed that I sit up straighter at work and roll my neck more to stretch it out while staring down at a computer screen.

Even though there are amazing yoga studios in Nashville, I don’t have a ton of extra money to invest in those classes, so I turned to YouTube instead. One of my favorite YouTube yogis to watch is Yoga with Adriene. Her videos are perfect for yogis of any level and feature a variety of different practices.

It’s only been a month and a half, but I already notice the positive benefits (mentally and physically) that yoga is bringing to my life.

I wrote an entire post about my experience with yoga for my friend Nicole’s blog, Flower Crowns and Revolutionaries. Check it out if you want to hear more about my experience as a beginner, and while you’re there, check out the rest of her blog. She does awesome reviews on theater, and has a YouTube channel where she talks about lifestyle topics from her experience abroad in London to her favorite books.

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