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Books, Reviews / Friday, April 24th, 2015

Title: Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe
Author: Jenny Colgan
Genre: Fiction
Quotation: “Life was always easier, reflected Issy, when you were carrying a large Tupperware full of cakes. Everyone was happy to see you then.”
Would recommend to: someone who needs a book for the beach.

If you know anything about me personally, you know that I absolutely love to bake. When I was meandering through the aisles of Barnes and Noble after Christmas, I stumbled upon this book that had the word “cupcake” in large print on the bind. I immediately snatched it up. It was about cupcakes; could there be anything bad about it?



First of all, the novel has recipes in it. This is the book of a baker’s dream. Most of these recipes are at the beginning of certain chapters and some include sarcastic remarks by the main character, Issy, or her grandfather, Gramps. These recipes add a sense of realism to the novel. I, personally, am really excited to try them out.

Apart from the baking aspect, which I immediately fell in love with, the novel stands strong on its own. It has a solid plotline with interwoven stories of various people in Issy’s life such as her best friend, her co-worker, her ex-boyfriend and boss, and her banker. There are twists and turns that never completely upset the story, but they keep it from being a boring, static novel.

The novel follows the life of a strong, independent woman, who hasn’t quite learned how strong and independent she is on her own. She is thrust into a world she didn’t yet know she wanted to be a part of and learns more about herself than she knew to be possible. Naturally, she finds love in an unexpected place but not without suffering from some terrible mistakes first.

Any young adult women can relate to this twisty-turny tale of self-appreciation, even if they have never cracked an egg or sifted flour. I would not suggest this book for the typical male due to its feminine nature, but I wouldn’t discourage a man from picking it either if baking and semi-romance novels intrigue him.  Anyone can learn a thing or two from Issy at the Cupcake Café.

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