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Books, Reviews / Friday, May 8th, 2015

Title: Eat Pray Love
Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
Genre: Memoir
Quotation: “But it destroys me to not be able to count on that affection when I need it.”
Would recommend to: someone in touch with their faith  who likes carbs.



This was an interesting read to say the least. It opened my mind to a lot of things I never thought about myself before. First of all, I’m not very spiritual. But I didn’t think that would be a problem for me since the book was only supposed to be 1/3 about spirituality.

WARNING: If you don’t believe in anything, I wouldn’t recommend this book.

Almost the entire book talked about spirituality. And I say spirituality because it wasn’t just God; it was commune with nature, speaking to God, and various other spiritual cliches.

I went into this book thinking I believed in something. I don’t want to get caught up in the, “Does God exist?” argument, but my personal beliefs have never called my higher being “God.” I thought that, since I believed in something bigger than myself, I would be able to relate to the book. But I didn’t. And spirituality is such a huge part of the book, that I think to fully appreciate the memoir, you have to have a firm belief in a God-like creature.

I didn’t like the book, but it’s also fine if you loved the book, bought three copies, and saw the movie six times. It’s all personal preference.

Other than my lack of a connection with the work, it was flawless. There was meaning and consistency behind the structure (how she divided the book into sections and chapters related to her experience with Yogis), she made sure their was continuity with her theme, and she recorded her thoughts, feelings, and experiences with very little censorship. She captured the essence of what a memoir is and should be.

If you are a fan of memoirs in every shape and size about all different topics, I would definitely suggest “Eat Pray Love.” But if you’re very opinionated (with different opinions on religion and travel), put this one on the shelf to gather dust and grab an old classic that you love.

Happy reading,

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