Something Wicked This Way Comes

Books / Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

I finished “Wicked” a couple days ago and here are my thoughts.

1. I want to see the play again.
I saw the play when I was a junior in high school and absolutely loved it. The book was really similar to the play while also incorporating more complicated plot lines and themes. All the characters were the same and the basic underlying story was there, there was just more detail and added backstories, which I really enjoyed reading.

2. You forget about people’s differences in the pages of a book.
It’s a well-known fact that the main character of “Wicked” (Elphaba) is green. She’s the finest definition of a witch that ever existed with her pointy features and wide-brimmed black hat. But when I was reading, I forgot all about that. She was just a normal character in a book that I empathized with continously. She may even be one of my favorite heroines yet.

3. I can’t wait to read Maguire’s other books. 
He has three other books out that follow this one that I want to pick up at the store the next time I’m there: “Son of a Witch,” “A Lion Among Men,” and “Out of Oz.” I’m interested in finding out what these novels are all about. He also has other books out that look at the other side of typical fairy tales. I love hearing both sides to every story in my normal life, so getting to read about them is really entertaining for me.

Look out for a review coming out soon about this wicked read.

Happy reading,

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