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Title: Unbroken
Author: Laura Hillenbrand
Genre: Biography
Quotation: “Where there’s still life, there’s still hope.”
Would recommend to: any who likes to root for the underdog.


Laura Hillenbrand’s novel chronicling the life of Louis Zamperini is both informative and inspiring. By telling the tale of Zamperini’s life, Hillenbrand also informs readers about the truth behind prisoner-of-war situations during WWII.

I’ve always been very interested in history, and I’ve even heard people talk about their time in POW camps. But I can honestly say that nothing made me feel more emotions than hearing what Hillenbrand reported of Zamperini’s struggles.

He was definitely the underdog of his own story. Although you believe he is the star after achieving his Olympic dreams, you soon find out that, in a way, the world is out to get him.

I think everyone should read this story (I gave it to like five people after I finished it), so I won’t ruin anything. And I haven’t seen the movie, but I’ve heard the book is better. (And when isn’t it?)

Truly, if you like reading historical pieces, learning about wars, and hearing behind-the-scenes information, “Unbroken” is the book for you.

It may make you think twice about war and what happens to people on the other side that don’t die, but receive a fate worse than death. POW camps are one of the hardest topics I have read about so far, but I think it is very important to read about them. I think it’s important to read about the hard parts of life so we can try to understand why bad things happen and how we can try to avoid such atrocities in the future.

As Winston Churchill said, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

Happy reading,

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