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Books / Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Hello fellow bookworms,

This past week my guest author, Ryan, was in town visiting me. Naturally we spent a little  (try too much) time in some bookstores around the area. I’m here today to show you what I bought in a mini book haul blog post.

Barnes and Nobel Finds

jonathan tropper

Barnes and Nobel has all these awesome displays of books ranging from beach reads to books that make you think. “This is Where I Leave You” (and the other book I picked up) was in a section of top fiction right now. I started reading it in the store and automatically fell in love with Tropper’s writing. It’s a story about Judd Foxman’s family who are forced together for the first time in a long time to sit shabbat to honor the wishes of his dead father. It promises an emotional roller-coaster on its back cover, and there’s nothing I like more than a book that elicits feelings.

Joshua Ferris

I also picked up this interesting book that I saw a friend reading. It’s a National Book Award finalist about what really happens at the water cooler. I just started my first job in an office setting, so I thought this would be an interesting read. This book follows office workers around during their day and also promises some great laughs. Like “This is Where I Leave You,” I read a couple pages of this in the store and really enjoyed it, so I decided to pick them both up. Can’t wait to give this a read.

The Bookshop Finds

There’s this amazing book store in Chapel Hill called “The Bookshop” with used books from all eras of time. I’ve found some incredible books in this store and enjoy every visit. This is what I got this time. (All for $8.)

F. Scott Fitzgerald

I picked up “The Great Gatsby” because I haven’t read it yet (GASP!) and it was only $2. Who could pass that up?

J. D. Salinger

“Catcher in the Rye” has been on my “To Read Again” list since I hated in back in high school. I wanted to give it one more try since everyone else loved it so much. I found this and instantly fell in love with the cover. Covers are very important to me when buying a book, and I’ve always hated the orange and yellow cover that is usually printed of the novel, so I decided this was the perfect time to reinvest in this classic.

H.G. Wells

My last purchase of the week was the classic “The War of the Worlds.” I’ve read a lot of Wells’ work in the past and just really enjoy his style of writing. I’ve wanted to buy this for a while, and again, I couldn’t pass up the $2 steal.

Let me know what you’ve bought recently in the comments below!

Happy reading,

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