Treasure Tuesday

Treasure Tuesday / Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

Treasure Tuesday

  1. I am currently swamped in homework! But I am slowly making my way through “Identical”. I promise!

2. These adorable cats living in grocery stores from a Buzzfeed article are bound to instantly brighten your day! (My personal favorite is #10.)

3.Book Quote 20

4. This is actually really old news, but it still makes me smile when a read it. Posted on Though Catalog, a mailman collects a crazy amount of books for a kid he caught reading junk mail. It’s such an uplifting story, and it reminds us all that we should be thankful for the opportunities we are afforded in life.

5. I am the editor-in-chief of my yearbook on campus. If you have any great ideas for what you would have loved to see in your yearbook, leave me a comment below!

6. Cute cat

I want to be this cat.

Happy reading!

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