Treasure Tuesday

Treasure Tuesday / Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

Treasure Tuesday

1. I am currently reading “Asshole: A Theory” by Aaron James.

2. This is your yearly reminder to go to the dentist (even if it’s your least favorite place in the world) and avoid my fate of having two cavities filled on the same day and getting a root canal for Christmas.


Book Quote 29

4. After the week I have experienced at my university, and the weekend Paris and the world faced, we definitely need this list of books from Buzzfeed that is guaranteed to restore our faith in humanity. Terrible things happen in the world, all we can do is come together and unite as a stronger force after they occur.

5. This is also a week we need to be reminded that sometimes adorable puppies can make it all better, even if only for a little bit. (BTW, I react this way every time I see a puppy.)

6. Thanksgiving is next week! Have safe travels and enjoy the holidays with a good book.

Happy reading,

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